The Chassis System

Source: Tech-Net

Your car's frame, steering and suspension components (the chassis system) all depend on each other, because they all affect alignment and steering response. A change in any one component can affect the others. Since all of these parts work together as a system, it is necessary to have each component checked when making adjustments or replacing parts.

Which Parts Solve Which Problems?


Idler-Arm Idler Arms hold the steering linkage in place. By replacing worn idler arms, you can reduce vehicle wander, excessive play in the steering wheel and abnormal tire wear.
ball-joint Ball Joints are the pivot points on which the front wheels turn. By replacing worn ball joints, you can reduce front-end noise, looseness and tire wear.
Tie-Rod-End Tie Rod Ends connect the steering arm to the linkage. By replacing worn tie rod ends, you can reduce front-end looseness, vibration, misalignment and excessive tire wear.
Bushings Bushings help dampen front-end movement, keep body roll to a minimum and help dampen wheel shock and vibration. Replacing worn bushings helps eliminate noise and play and makes handling safer and more predictable.