Environmental Impact

Total Automotive is committed to a smaller carbon footprint. As a result, recycling and other green initiatives are an integral part of our overall business plan.

Our environmental programs include:

  • Safe disposal of old batteries as prescribed by New York State law.
  • Scrap metal collection and recycling.
  • Capturing and recycling refrigerant from automotive AC systems.
  • Recycling of old tires and other rubber products.
  • Anti-freeze disposal.
  • Recycling cardboard and other product packaging.
  • Waste oil capture and reuse to heat our facilities. Waste oil recycling currently provides 80% of the heat used to keep our facilities warm during the winter months. Last year alone, this program resulted in safe reuse and disposal of over 2,000 gallons of waste oil.
  • We feature and actively promotion nitrogen tire inflation, which results in better fuel economy, longer tire life, improved safety and a smaller carbon footprint. Our Nitrogen Conversion Service also includes free membership in the Go Green emergency auto road club.
  • Our Smart Car customer shuttle, which is highly fuel efficient, puts fewer pollutants into the air and is constructed primarily from recyclable materials.