GDI Fuel/Air Induction

Without proper maintenance, your Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine can have performance loss, efficiency drops and increased emissions in as early as 3,000 miles/5,000 km.


  • Poor fuel economy
  • Power loss
  • Rough idle
  • Hard starting
  • Pinging/Knocking
  • Increased emissions


  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Cleans throttle body
  • Cleans plenum and air intake
  • Cleans intake valves and ports
  • Removes combustion chamber deposits
  • Corrects balance of fuel and air in system


  • Restores fuel efficiency
  • Restores performance
  • Restores power
  • Reduces harmful emissions

For best results, get a BG GDI Fuel/Air Induction Service every 15,000 miles/24,000 km!

Ask about complimentary roadside assistance when you purchase a BG service at participating shops.